Committed to creating solutions and ideas that create value. Focused on building relationships and revenue for business, community and entrepeneurs that have passion, mission and meaning.


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Marketing and Sales

Focus and build revenue. Whether the goal is more sales, profit or equity Quartana can create targeted, measurable solutions.

Branding and Identity

From strategy through design, we can make you shine from attention through exceptional audience experiences.

Media and Messaging

Be the authority! We create custom media, content, e-learning and information products from ebooks to #1 best sellers on Amazon Worldwide.

Making an Impact Across the Globe and Nextdoor

Quartana is both a local Chicago company and part of an international community. As the world gets smaller,  “local” and “community” are creating a mosaic that transcends geography and old constructs. Organizations, businesses and entrepeneurs all are adapting to this new reality, changing in both form and need.

One size fits all and one and done marketing is dead. We create specific, meaningful and impactful solutions for our clients and communities. 

Today, success is through value and connections, the “how to” engage with community and your audience…

Online, offline and over the line…whatever it takes. THERE IS ONLY ONE LINE, MARKETING

Today  is about performance.

 Be  a PRO*, create solutions that work today. Be the authority and go-to. Forget general answers and information peddling anymore. Today’s audience demands specific solutions built to support each individual. Personalized answers and attention.

Getting to your goal is about working smart and hard, and making good decisions. Choosing Quartana as part of your team is a good start.

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Experience, is the strongest form of PRIMARY KNOWLEDGE and our strongest asset.  It is invaluable to tap the past to build the answers going forward.

A dynamic world in a constant change has become a norm.

Technology can lead to new answers through new capability, but asking the right question is key to start. We focus on creating depth, producing better solutions with solid roots.

And of course we do it all using the Golden Rule. We believe in the human potential, the importance of love and compassion and the courage to practice integrity and character without fail.


The high road is not that crowded and always has space for you.


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Just do it. It starts with a conversation, most things do. Starting is often the hardest step, go on…NOW!

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